"POLSUS” main task is pigs’ performance value estimation and keeping herd books for breeding stock. Both tasks are performed based on National Breeding Program principles designated for the following breeds: Polish large white, Polish landrace, pulawska, duroc, pietrain and hampshire. “POLSUS” goal is to genetically prove purebred animals and produce purebred and crossbred breeding stock.

There are many important elements assuring breeding program success. The basic issue is precise pigs’ registration and pedigree analysis combined with controlling procedure of pigs’ descent. Based on that “POLSUS” is able to correctly run breeding and performance value estimation followed by selection and mating.

All breeding activities are based on a special system of pigs’ identification and registration. In “POLSUS” identification system one unique number is assigned to one pig. This number is tattooed on the ear or place on the ear tag.

When estimating pigs the following traits are registered:

A) reproduction performance:

  • number of piglets born
  • number of piglets weaned
  • number of teats
  • age at the first farrowing
  • period between litters

B) fattening and slaughtering performance:

  • daily gain
  • backfat thickness
  • loin “eye” height
  • lean meat content

Fattening and slaughtering performance is estimated on alive animals by using ultrasound equipment called PIGLOG 105. Purebred pigs are also a subject of breeding value estimation performed by National Research Institute of Animal Production in Balice.

In “POLSUS” breeding program also results obtained in fattening and slaughtering performance estimation done by test stations (SKURTCh) are used.  Thanks to that procedure it is possible to get information on basic meat quality parameters.

The aim of all activities described above is to improve profitability of pig farms and at the same time improvement of pork quality and nutritional value.


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