PLW gilts are designated for mothers in the fatteners production.

Breeds’ profile:

   Many and healthy litters
  High milk production
  Good feed conversion
  High carcass  lean meat content
  Free from RYR1T gene
  Pigs of national breeding program are well adapted to environmental conditions in Poland
   Late maturity

The current meat type of PLW pigs was shaped as the answer to the market needs since the 1920 when bacon production was crucial. PLW was based on white sharp ears pig of fat-meat type crossed with English Large White pig. Unfortunately the II World War  ruined most of the breeding efforts. The breeding works on Polish meat breed based on large white pigs imported from England and Sweden started again in 1947. The herd book of large white was officially approved by the directive of the Ministry of Agriculture on August 2nd, 1956 and in 1962 the full name of Polish large white was introduced.

PLW pigs are of great reproduction performance. Their body conformation and many years of selection enabled the breed to  be that way. PLW sows are very good and caring mothers. They usually deliver 10-16 piglets in one litter and the average litter weight is approximately 65 kg. Apart from improving fertility and prolificacy this breed has been selected towards better growth rate and better carcass quality. Many years of bacon production based on this breed had the best positive effect on the body conformation and pigs’ performance . In practice this breed is suitable to be kept in big herds.

The fattening and slaughtering  performance level of PLW pigs is very similar to sire breeds ie. high growth rate, lean back fat and good meat quality.

PLW is a big pig with long and strong back. Adult sow is between 300-350 kg of weight and boar 350-400 kg. White skin is covered with white hair. The head is of average size with big, standing ears. The neck is without bulged chap. The chest is rather deep and wide. The rump is long with well conformed ham muscles. The tail is set high. The legs straight and widely positioned. As a dam line the PLW needs to have at least 14 properly developed teats.

Breeding value




BLUP total value



Fattening and slaughtering performance




Standardized daily gain (g)



Average backfat thickness (mm)

8,9 10,2

Standardized lean meat content (%)



On farm test index (points)



Reproduction performance of sows



Number of alive born piglets


Number of piglets weaned


Number of teats



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